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SEARCH Website Review & Ratings + Vehix Coupons is the website of a company that makes its money listing used cars for sales. It also provided information on new cars, results of various auto shows and a separate listing for green cars. The site does an excellent job on culling information on the newer car models. It also does a good job in making the most important factors on used cars readily available to the consumer. Photographs and videos on this site are also top notch, allowing easy viewing of what car will look like on the road or on the inside to the riders. Anyone can visit this site, but members receive free listings, tickets to car shows and email updates on new cars. Membership is free.

Even hard to find cars, such as the Maybach models are available to pursue. If a car is or has been sold in the United States it is found on this site. If the Transformer cars were for sale, they would be listed here. Glancing at the site briefly, I have learned the Ford Taurus performs outstandingly in snow, the Toyota Highlander is the most efficient SUV for 2012 and the BMW has finally made some green cars and these are car anyone would want to try out.

Car listed are available from both dealers and private owners. This gives a shopper a great chance to compare both types of sellers. Vehix also provides access to several financing companies, so that a buyer can arrange the money needed for his car. Vehix members list their cars for sale on the site for free. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, this site is owned by Comcast.


Vehix: What makes it different? offers to its customers:

Vehix vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Vehix) - This website is geared to selling or trading in automobiles.  Working through dealers and private parties, this site is designed to sell cars.  A number of collectors sell and buy through this site.  The site also provides some background information on cars, connects its customers to financial options, and shows them insurance quotes as well.  If you have a car to sell, this may be a site worth looking at since 16 million viewers do. - This site is geared to the needs of car owners.  The front section is split up into several sections that include research, advice, finance, sell and buy.  The goal of this site is to sell cars, but also to provide owners with support after the sale is over.  The site wants to establish a relationship with its clients that lasts beyond the car listing.  The site separates out information by car type, make, model and year.

Vehix: Pricing & packages

Here are some comparisons of pricing between rival companies.  Remember that some of these cars may have extra costs on top of what is listed here due to dealer costs, finance and costs to place adds, and location.

Ford 2008 Escape:

  •  $18,999 to $25,000
  •  $16,889 to $21,000
  •  $17,995 to $22,000

Chevrolet 2011 Cruze:

  • $18,995 to $24,000
  •  $16,995 to $21,000
  • $  $15,788 to $23,000

Toyota 2012 Siena:

  • $26,262
  •  $26,165
  •  $26,195
Vehix: Product images & screenshots
Vehix Coupons
Vehix: Customer reviews & comments is mentioned on every list of vehicles websites with excellent comments.  A thorough search of the internet failed to produce any current comments on this company at the standard review sites.  The company has a direct contact point for customer comments, but does not publish these comments.  A check of the Better Business Bureau revealed this company is rated A+, the BBB's highest rating.  The site is also used by many car dealers through out the nation to market their new and used vehicles.  Vehix is clearly a company that is trusted by its users.

Best Available Vehix Coupon:
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Congratulations on your insightful review on three major automobile vehicles sites.

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